I have a passion for leveraging technology and innovation to help others improve and reach their goals.

My name is Scott Boyher, a front-end web developer, WordPress addict, avid blogger and enthusiast of all things digital. Occasionally, I have been known to wear the “musicians” hat, too.

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About Me

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When I began my journey into the world of digital design, it didn’t take long to realize that the internet, this global system of interconnected computer networks, was a rapidly growing, enormous opportunity. I quickly learned as much as possible about how the web worked and how I could climb aboard and enjoy the ride.

Throughout my career, I have refined my eye for design and I know how to utilize the proper tools to implement that design. However, more importantly, I learned about things such as usability, accessibility and how users interact with websites, which to some degree, is more important than just knowing how to code.

I take great pride and satisfaction in my work and enjoy brainstorming and problem solving when a challenge presents itself. I maintain a positive attitude and believe that anything is possible while never conceding to those who say it can’t be done.

I have been working as web designer for over 12 years through freelance and businesses, some of which are Fortune 500 companies. I have a passion for designing engaging, creative and modern websites & graphics and I am always researching and testing the latest trends and best practices.

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My Work

  • Project Communicator
  • Digital Layne
  • Ford Dealer Landing Page
  • Taylor & Simmons Homes
  • Vanborough Electric
  • River City
  • Commander Bike Shop
  • Hilltop Catering

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